G'day Rockers!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Rose and Crown Calgary on Jan 24th and 25th!

Next up, a little break and back at The Kings Head April 10 & 11!


The FP Boyz really enjoy putting on a great show, playing your favorite tunes that get you up movin' and a shakin'!

We do Birthdays, Weddings, and any kind of Party!

Email: bookings@flatlinephoenix.com

Call or Text: 403-899-7276


First paid gig at Swigs Bar OCT 1, 2010. We got that gig from competing in a 'battle of the bands' contest. Classic rock band move; we were so excited about our first gig that we drank more than what we were paid! Great memories!

First gig poster from back then:

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