Guy (Theo) on Vocals

Originally from Ottawa but having grown up in Calgary since the wee age of 5, Guy can’t really imagine calling another place home. Taking inspiration from the likes of Jim Morrison, Axl Rose and even Garth Brooks, Guy feels most comfortable when he’s on a stage in front of a mic.

“I love the connection you can get to the audience when performing live…there is absolutely nothing like it. I’ve actually taken quite a long sabbatical from the stage but in all the time I’ve been gone, I knew I’d be back. It’s that connection with the audience and with the other guys on the stage that has lured me back to where I belong. Very quickly in FP, things fell into place and sounded like we had been playing together for years.”

Theo likes to drink: MGD, Crown Royal, & Ring Bolt...but he has a hard time saying no to other options as well.

Joe - Lead Guitar

Joe needs a bio!

Greg (GDawg) - Rhythm Guitar

Influenced by the Rock of the 80's, Greg digs the sound of New Rock, even without his mullet. Being one of the few that were pretty much born and raised in Calgary, Greg is into playing music that rocks!

"On rhythm guitar, I really enjoy adding to the full sound of this band. The key to having two guitarists in any band is dynamics. Add to the overall sound without too much duplication. Difficult to achieve, but I think FP pulls it off well!"

What G-Dawg likes to drink: sodie-pop's and near beers!